The Long Flight and my Weekend in Osaka

For those of you not on Facebook, sorry for keeping you in the dark and I hope I didn’t have you worried, but as the title indicates, I made it safely to Osaka, Japan! My excitement — and my experiment to combat jet lag — meant that I stayed awake the entire 12-hour flight toContinue reading “The Long Flight and my Weekend in Osaka”

What’s a “Peace Boat”?!

So, yes, what is this “Peace Boat” that I keep referring to?¬† Well, for my fellow mid-20s Canadian friends out there, I have been describing Peace Boat as Japan’s version of Breaker High. However,¬†instead of dealing with dating drama, tanning and schoolwork, Peace Boat focuses on promoting¬†peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development and respectContinue reading “What’s a “Peace Boat”?!”

Let’s start this thing!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first post!! Although I have yet to begin my world exploring with Peace Boat, I have already given out a few of my “business” cards (more like a self-introduction card) and therefore, have already received 18 views! Hopefully, those of you who have visited have read the “About” section, butContinue reading “Let’s start this thing!”