Let’s start this thing!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first post!!

Although I have yet to begin my world exploring with Peace Boat, I have already given out a few of my “business” cards (more like a self-introduction card) and therefore, have already received 18 views! Hopefully, those of you who have visited have read the “About” section, but I’d like to give you a bit more, so today, you will get that little bit more.

To begin, I would like to give everyone a head’s up that I am a bit of a “newb” at all of this. If you do not know what a “newb” is, I will tell you, because I, too, have just learned that I am a “newb” and not a “n00b”. Please read this definition by Urban Dictionary to understand why:

Newbs are those who are new to some task and are very beginner at it, possibly a little overconfident about it, but they are willing to learn and fix their errors to move out of that stage. n00bs, on the other hand, know little and have no will to learn any more. They expect people to do the work for them and then expect to get praised about it, and make up a unique species of their own.

So I am a newb when it comes to blogging (for a blogging pro, visit my sister’s blog: thecompostcook.com it’s pretty incredible.) and evidently, something else… which can be seen on my intro card. Let’s see if you can spot the “newb” mistake.


Pretty awesome card, right?! Yeah, that’s what I thought, too… until I saw my mistake.

Can you spot the error? If not, let me point it out to you:


For those of you who saw it in the first photo, I give you “pro” Twitter status. For those who didn’t see it until I pointed it out, you fall into the “newb” category like me. And to those who do not even know what’s wrong, what should have been on my card was @claireekelly, not #claireekelly. This is because on Twitter, people are indicated by an @ mark, whereas hashtags (#) are used to indicate events, topics, experiences, THINGS.  So, for the record, I am not a thing, and I did not intend to be so boastful as to think myself an event or experience, despite what my newbie intro card indicates. 

Lesson learned. And hopefully this prevents any of you fellow inexperienced Twitter users make this same mistake.

Well, I hope that gave you a little tidbit of Claire & the World reading for today. I’ve just finished a delicious Americano at 2% Jazz and am now in search of dinner before diving into an evening of curriculum planning for Peace Boat. Woo! More about what Peace Boat is all about and how I found out about it in my next post.


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Trilingual twenty-five-year-old Canadian traveling the world.

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