Happy Anniversary — A Peace Boat version of “This is the New Year”

In celebration of ONE YEAR since departing for my voyage around the world with Peace Boat, I thought I would share this video I made as part of a fun way to remember my trip… I was only using my iPhone for ‘equipment’, so it was impossible to play the song and film simultaneously; IContinue reading “Happy Anniversary — A Peace Boat version of “This is the New Year””

Half-way Around the World [in Riga]

Well, here it is — day 52, the mid-way point of my round-the-world voyage with Peace Boat. As predicted, I have definitely lagged behind in the blog updates, but as I’m sure you could have guessed, it is because life on board, and in port, has been pretty non-stop. But I have just found aContinue reading “Half-way Around the World [in Riga]”

Surprise! You’re going to Saudi Arabia!!!

About a week ago, we were told in a meeting that we had to make an unexpected re-fueling stop in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and there would be a chance that we may be able to get off in port! A few days later, we were informed that not only would we be able to getContinue reading “Surprise! You’re going to Saudi Arabia!!!”

Singapore – Small country; HUGE city

Singapore was humid, multicultural and SO much bigger than I thought it would be!! The reason that this was even more pronounced was because instead of having free time in this port, I was the leader of a “challenge program”. The challenge consisted of touring around Singapore, based on what the group wanted to do,Continue reading “Singapore – Small country; HUGE city”