What’s a “Peace Boat”?!

So, yes, what is this “Peace Boat” that I keep referring to? 

Well, for my fellow mid-20s Canadian friends out there, I have been describing Peace Boat as Japan’s version of Breaker High. However, instead of dealing with dating drama, tanning and schoolwork, Peace Boat focuses on promoting peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development and respect for the environment through a variety of lectures (think TED talks) and workshops. And instead of a boat filled with only high school students, Peace Boat’s age bracket ranges from 18 to 80. What Peace Boat does have in common with Breaker High is that Peace Boat is a cruise ship that circumferences the world over 103 days, stopping in 21 different countries!

So what am I doing on there?

As mentioned, Peace Boat is a Japanese organization (departing from and returning to Yokohama, Japan), therefore, most of its participants are Japanese. While on board Peace Boat, they have the opportunity to learn either English or Spanish as a second language, and that is where I come in! I will be joining a team of 10 other language teachers and we will be teaching two classes almost everyday that we are on-board, while also running extra English events, cultural workshops and giving some “TED” talks, too!

How did you snag that sweet position??

With a lot of work and determination!

I have actually been eyeing the goal of becoming a GET (Global English Teacher) ever since 2009, in my last year of university, when a roommate of mine had told me about the organization. When I learned what it was all about, I knew that I this was my dream job* (well, volunteer position, with the perk of traveling around the world for gratuit!)! During the past four years, I have traveled to over 20 different countries, been a part of international events, such as the Vancouver Olympics, volunteered at an incredible immigration centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, got a TEFL certificate in Italy and taught English in Japan for two years. These are all things that I would have done anyway (because anything to do with learning about this great big world is where my passion truly lies), these experiences obviously helped out when applying for this position, because it requires parts of all of those things!

So, I hope that gives you a bit of a better idea of what Peace Boat is all about. However, if you would like to learn more, feel free to explore its website (in English):  peaceboat.org/english/

I think it’s a pretty great organization, so I am SUPER excited to be a part of its 79th Voyage!! The only downfall, where it really differs from Breaker High… Ryan Gosling won’t be there!!


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Trilingual twenty-five-year-old Canadian traveling the world.

One thought on “What’s a “Peace Boat”?!

  1. LOVING your blog so far, ClaireE!
    Rock on….that’s as in “rock the boat”, but not too much, you’re on the high seas.
    love, Dad

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