Family & Community: IRL

Hey all! Apologies for the two-week hiatus, but #WSW is baaaaack. ((Into the final minutes of Wednesday night, as per usual.)) And this week’s World Saving Wednesday is dedicated to the reason I had a mini-hiatus: I was reconnecting with family and community.

Over the past two weeks, I was reminded of how amazing it is to spend quality time with people… in-person! I know this sounds slightly redundant, but as you know, our lives have been more and more taken over by technology ((*as I write this on my laptop..)). There are obviously innumerable advantages to it, but one of the disadvantages is that we’re becoming more accustomed turning to screens rather than face-to-face family or community members. And during the past two weeks, three separate experiences reminding me of the importance of connecting with people in real life:

2018 08 01 family portrait at the beach.JPG
Catching up, relaxing, and sharing quality time with my family in PEI


Seeing friends and listening to incredible music with a community of people that come from all over the country for Sappyfest (follow @CoreyIsenor for best photos)


Feeling the comfort, connection, and compassion with community after a painful incident happened here in Fredericton

So, my message to you this week:

Get out there and connect with your family and community!

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