Singapore – Small country; HUGE city

Singapore was humid, multicultural and SO much bigger than I thought it would be!! The reason that this was even more pronounced was because instead of having free time in this port, I was the leader of a “challenge program”. The challenge consisted of touring around Singapore, based on what the group wanted to do,Continue reading “Singapore – Small country; HUGE city”

Sayonara & One Second Everyday

Well, this is it guys. I leave for my round-the-world voyage in less than 24 hours. Pretty unbelievable. I am kind of freaking out right now and I have been scrambling around all day trying to get as many last minute things done, but I don’t think there is any way that I will feelContinue reading “Sayonara & One Second Everyday”

Peace Boat Itinerary!!

I keep mentioning that this trip is taking me around the world, but you may be wondering: “Where exactly are you going?” Well, I am going to 21 countries located in the Northern Hemisphere.The dates listed below are when we are expected to be in each country, so feel free to “follow my footsteps” (asContinue reading “Peace Boat Itinerary!!”

Peace Boat Orientation

As I said in my last post, Peace Boat orientation began bright and early on Monday morning. However, it wasn’t actually very bright Monday morning, because it was raining, as you can see in the photo below that I snapped at 8am in Shibuya on my way to the Peace Boat office. When I arrivedContinue reading “Peace Boat Orientation”