WCW meets WSW

Hey all! Last week had me MIA again, because of a terrible case of strep throat – or as I like to call it: mini mono. Because it knocked me flat out! And I am not entirely healed up yet, so this is going to be a quick, but oh-so-needed shout-out post going out to… the WOMEN who have been stepping up, speaking out, and bringing representation into the political sphere where their (our) presence has been so needed.

I got thinking about this while listening to today’s episode of The Daily where they discussed the similarities and differences between Anita Hill accusing Judge Clarence Thomas in 1991 vs. today’s accusations by Christine Blasey Ford (and now two other women) of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. So, today’s first shout-out goes to each of these accusers. Because, while we will wait and see how much has changed (or not changed) in 27 years, one thing is for sure: these accusers are incredibly brave to speak up, considering the amount of sh*t (ie, disrespect, ruined lives, death threats) these accusers have to go through during and after this process.

During the podcast, they mention that in the trial of 1991, the surrounding politicians were oh-so male (and white)… which led to The Year of Women in 1992, when American voters elected more new women to Congress than in any previous decade. (Heck ya!) If this statistic sounds reminiscent of our current political climate, it is because there are currently more women running for public (in the US) than ever before. So, the second shout-out goes to all of them!

The final three shout-outs to women (outside the US) making news this week:

  • New Zealand’s PM, Jacinda Ardern, bringing her 3-month old daughter with her to the UN General Assembly earlier this week.
  • Memramcook-Tantramar’s newest Green Party MLA, Megan Mitton, winning her seat over the incumbent by 11 votes!
  • New Brunswick’s Lieutenant Governor, Jocelyne Roy-Vienneau, who is key to solving who our premier will be after a very exciting – yet confusing – few days in this province…

Thank you to all of the women out there getting involved, or supporting those getting involved. Our voices and lived experiences represent half the population, so it is important that they are brought to the table when decisions are being made. So, thank you again.

Now, to sleep. Stay healthy, all!! ❤


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One thought on “WCW meets WSW

  1. A great mash-up of themese and so timely and interesting to reflect on women in politics and women’s political influence!

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