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WCW meets WSW

Hey all! Last week had me MIA again, because of a terrible case of strep throat – or as I like to call it: mini mono. Because it knocked me flat out! And I am not entirely healed up yet, so this is going to be a quick, but oh-so-needed shout-out post going out to… […]

Together Victoria

As I mentioned in my very first post of #WorldSavingWednesday, life has seemed a bit heavier for most of us since November 2016. For 20 months, it has felt a bit like watching a car crash in slow-mo; a maniac at the wheel, plowing down the progressive, inclusive society we had spent decades building up. […]

All the senses w/Sense8

In stark contrast to Trump’s self-interested, exclusionary rhetoric, Sense8 demonstrates the incredible power of diversity and inclusivity. I feel it is only right that I complete my #WorldSavingWeek (and pride-themed posts) with an anti-dote to what was depressing me initially — the heartless sentiments and decisions coming from the current White House. In contrast to […]

Nancy & the Heart

Looking to get more LGBTQ into your podcast line-up? In today’s addition of pride-themed #WorldSavingWeek, I bring you two podcasts focused on the Queer experience: Nancy and the Heart. Both are excellent, but each has a different style. Nancy is hosted by two best friends who dive into queer stories and conversations each week. As […]

More than just a makeover

These five will have you feeling fabulous — and all the other feels — by the end of every single episode. For so many of you out there who have already watched Queer Eye, I’m sure you knew what today’s #WSW was all about simply from the title. For those have not yet seen the […]

Supporting Asylum-Seekers & Refugees

In honour of World Refugee Day and in response to┬áthis week’s news in the US, I want to highlight a few of the organizations in North America taking action on the issues facing asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants on our continent. Not only when it’s in the media, but everyday: The ACLU The American Civil Liberties […]