Sayonara & One Second Everyday

Well, this is it guys. I leave for my round-the-world voyage in less than 24 hours. Pretty unbelievable. I am kind of freaking out right now and I have been scrambling around all day trying to get as many last minute things done, but I don’t think there is any way that I will feel 100% prepared for what I am about to begin, so I am trying to let go and just enjoy (ie, not stress) my final evening on land. So I’m off for a final meal and I leave you with this video project I started and hope to continue. Enjoy!!

[Explanation: This is one second from everyday since the day I left Canada (March 7th) until today (March 31st), the day before I leave Japan… for the world! My goal is to continue taking one second everyday for 103 days during my Peace Boat voyage to have a snap shot of this rad adventure I’m going on. Woo!]

Published by claireekelly

Trilingual twenty-five-year-old Canadian traveling the world.

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