Peace Boat Itinerary!!

I keep mentioning that this trip is taking me around the world, but you may be wondering:
“Where exactly are you going?”
Well, I am going to 21 countries located in the Northern Hemisphere.The dates listed below are when we are expected to be in each country, so feel free to “follow my footsteps” (as my Dad will be) and you can expect to see some sort of update on those days because I may actually be able to find an internet connection…
Of the above countries, I have only been to three of them:
France! I was there in April 2010 (left) and October 2012 (right). I love the Arc de Triomphe! But I’ve never been to Le Havre. If possible, I am really hoping to visit Mont St. Michel on that stop.
Italy! I was there in April 2010 (left) and September 2012 (right), but only visited the cities North of Rome. I am very excited to visit Naples.
Russia! I was there in August 2012. It was such a cool experience for me because I have been wanting to see Saint Basil’s Cathedral since I was in elementary school! I was so pumped to finally see it in real life. On that trip I also spent a week in St. Petersburg, which is now one of my favourite cities, so I can’t wait to visit again…
Along with all of the other countries I have yet to see! I can not believe we set sail in two more days!! But three more sleeps, one of which I need right now…
Expect one final post before the grand departure on Monday!

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Trilingual twenty-five-year-old Canadian traveling the world.

4 thoughts on “Peace Boat Itinerary!!

  1. ClaireE!

    I love you. I followed you out of Yokohama in my heart, showing Mom and Gram your route. I checked the sailing conditions and actually found a website which can track time from port to port based on speed. I have already flown ahead to Hong Kong and checked out where you might be…watch for ALL the ships lying at harbour. It puts Vancouver’s collection to shame.

    Love you,

    Kenneth Kelly, M.PL.
    General Manager
    Downtown Victoria Business Association

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    Capital regional district 2011 ecostar award
    20 Centennial Square | Victoria British Columbia V8W 1P7


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  2. Haha! Thanks all!!

    It has been an unbelievable month and a half so far! Sorry that the updates have been so few and far between, but it is just a testimony to how much I am cramming into every single day on Peace Boat that I barely have time to collect my own thoughts about everything, let alone decide on which photos to show and how exactly to express it. It is certainly a unique experience. But I do promise that I will dedicate at least one post with an attempt of an explanation 🙂

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