In stark contrast to Trump’s self-interested, exclusionary rhetoric, Sense8 demonstrates the incredible power of diversity and inclusivity. I feel it is only right that I complete my #WorldSavingWeek (and pride-themed posts) with an anti-dote to what was depressing me initially — the heartless sentiments and decisions coming from the current White House. In contrast to […]

Looking to get more LGBTQ into your podcast line-up? In today’s addition of pride-themed #WorldSavingWeek, I bring you two podcasts focused on the Queer experience: Nancy and the Heart. Both are excellent, but each has a different style. Nancy is hosted by two best friends who dive into queer stories and conversations each week. As […]

Wrap up your Monday with a bit of (powerful) music. We all know that music has a very strong emotional power to it, and so I want to give a shout-out in this pride-themed #WorldSavingWeek to Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Mary Lambert for their beautiful song Same Love. When this song came out in 2012, […]

These five will have you feeling fabulous — and all the other feels — by the end of every single episode. For so many of you out there who have already watched Queer Eye, I’m sure you knew what today’s #WSW was all about simply from the title. For those have not yet seen the […]

What would you do if your life was at risk for being you? As you will see in the map below, if you are LGBTQ in many countries around the world, this is your reality. Your life is at risk – not only from society, but also at the hands of government. As mentioned in the […]

Today’s spotlight for #WorldSavingWeek is on my friend, Scott Jones. After being stabbed in Nova Scotia five years ago, Scott was left paralyzed from the waist down. While the courts did not rule it a hate crime, Scott knows that he was attacked because he is gay. Anyone who knows Scott will already know why […]

To celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day today, I want to highlight four indigenous artists giving me life. I have been following these four over the past few years, not only because they are awesome at their craft, but because I have the privilege of knowing them IRL — and they are awesome people. So talented in their […]