More than just a makeover


These five will have you feeling fabulous — and all the other feels — by the end of every single episode.

For so many of you out there who have already watched Queer Eye, I’m sure you knew what today’s #WSW was all about simply from the title. For those have not yet seen the show, my message today is simple: Go watch it!

Each episode has the very talented “Fab Five” transform the wardrobe, hair, room, cuisine and confidence, of a different individual in Georgia, USA. However, as today’s title indicates, it is not simply a physical makeover (like the original Queer Eye), but a deep dive into their life, and relevant topics, of today. The brilliant producers of this show have hand-select stories that touch on pertinent, but sometimes sensitive, topics in 2018’s American/global society, and then these Fab Five go in and navigate each issue so genuinely, emotionally, and openly. If you ask anyone who has watched the show, they will likely tell you that they have cried (tears of joy) through most episodes. As Esquire’s article put it:

In the second season of the Netflix series, the Fab Five find the goodness that already exists in their makeover subjects. – Esquire

And for all the sh*t going on in society today, it is exactly the goodness we need right now. So, again: Go watch this show. And thank you, Fab Five!


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