Don’t Be Afraid

Today’s spotlight for #WorldSavingWeek is on my friend, Scott Jones.


After being stabbed in Nova Scotia five years ago, Scott was left paralyzed from the waist down. While the courts did not rule it a hate crime, Scott knows that he was attacked because he is gay. Anyone who knows Scott will already know why he is very deserving of this post, and of all the national and international praise he has received. The amazing work he has done ever since.

Not only did he start a campaign to eliminate homophobia and transphobia by sharing the message: Don’t be afraid, and start a choir for social change; he has also been so incredibly open about his journey since the attack. And by being willing to talk about his story in a new documentary titled “Love, Scott“, he is helping to shine a light on the underreporting hate crimes in Canada.

Last night, I got into a very long – heated and human – discussion with someone who is openly homophobic. It reminded me that, while the LGBTQ movement has come so far in society, it is far from over. It reminded me that, while it was difficult, disappointing, and infuriating to have that conversation, I opted into it. As allies, it is on us to continue having those conversations, because we have the privilege of not being the target of the fear/hate in those conversations. Scott, his continued message of hope, and the lives of all the people I know – and don’t – were the inspiration for keeping me in that discussion, and will keep me in it indefinitely.

As this whole month is dedicated to celebrating #pride, I’ve decided that the rest of this week’s #WSW posts are going to be focused on individuals and groups saving the world from its unfit and out of date homophobic sentiments.


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