Hello and welcome! Bienvenue! ようこそ!

My name is Claire and this blog (my very first ever) is mostly about my travels… around the world. To date, I have made my way to 25 countries during my 25 years on this awesome planet. And while I may write a post or two about those adventures, I will mostly be focused on the 21 next countries that I will be discovering during the next few months (April to July) while I travel and teach aboard Peace Boat!

However, because internet is very limited and very expensive on board, I may only be posting while in port. And while in port, I’ll be trying to enjoy everything each country has to offer! So, as a DISCLAIMER: This is not a daily blog and not a rambling one either (except for this intro). Essentially, a few pics and thoughts for all of my dear non-Facebook-using family and friends out there.

So, yeah, I hope you enjoy!

And for more information about Peace Boat, please visit: peaceboat.org

Thanks for visiting!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Claire I saw you went on the peace boat…… I want to apply and I want to know how your experience was…..


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