All the senses w/Sense8

In stark contrast to Trump’s self-interested, exclusionary rhetoric, Sense8 demonstrates the incredible power of diversity and inclusivity.

I feel it is only right that I complete my #WorldSavingWeek (and pride-themed posts) with an anti-dote to what was depressing me initially — the heartless sentiments and decisions coming from the current White House. In contrast to Trump’s “America first”/go-it-alone/build-a-wall mentality, Sense8 shows you how 8 strangers, from 8 completely different walks of life, transcend borders, and are so much better together.

This mind-bending Netflix series does not only give you beautiful cinematography from different corners of the world, with different cultures, languages, and lovers, but it shows you the opposite of what Trump is currently spewing. It shows what humanity would look like if we were more interconnected; not only stronger because of our added skills, but more empathetic, because of our added emotional connections to each other.

So, if you are needing a dose of a counter-narrative, check out Sense8. Or better yet, step outside your comfort zone and strike up a conversation with someone across the hall, across the street, across a political line, or across a border to feel that human connection in-person. ❤


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Trilingual twenty-five-year-old Canadian traveling the world.

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