A is for Adventure

Kicking off the weekly edition of #WorldSavingWednesday are the awesome folks behind: A for Adventure!

What exactly is A for Adventure, you ask? It’s actually a lot of things, including: a children’s book, some swag, a bi-weekly podcast, some beautiful photos and videos… but at the heart of it, it’s a group of wonderful guys with a mission of “inspiring people to connect with nature.”

I have had the awesome pleasure of getting to know these four guys during our shared mission of introducing international students in New Brunswick to the great outdoors! Back in early March, we took 40 students to hike around Fundy and another 40 students to snowshoe/ski around Mactaquac for a weekend event called “How to Winter”. Now for the summer, we’ve got two “Learn to Camp” events with two different groups of students; again in Mactaquac (with far less snow) and Kouchibouquac. And each event so far has been… magical.

The last 24hrs in Mactaquac, for example, was a perfect combination of: being outside (even during a heatwave), watching students get out of their comfort zones, chatting with new friends around a campfire (IRL>social media), playing soccer (or random musical odes on a ukulele/harmonica) with those new friends, swimming in the lake, and learning something new… like setting up a tent or trying s’mores! In such a short period of time, these group of students gained new experiences, new friends, and certainly a new appreciation of nature. So for that, I want to thank A for Adventure for getting us out there!! And I hope this inspires you get out more this summer, too 🙂


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Trilingual twenty-five-year-old Canadian traveling the world.

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