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Supporting Asylum-Seekers & Refugees

In honour of World Refugee Day and in response to this week’s news in the US, I want to highlight a few of the organizations in North America taking action on the issues facing asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants on our continent. Not only when it’s in the media, but everyday: The ACLU The American Civil Liberties […]

See ya in 5 months, Canada!

This is it! I’ve left Victoria and am just waiting to board at YVR. It still hasn’t fully hit me that I’m leaving for 5 months and am about to begin my crazy adventure (yet again). But I am. Maybe it will hit me when I reach my stopover of Seoul and things start looking […]

What’s a “Peace Boat”?!

So, yes, what is this “Peace Boat” that I keep referring to?  Well, for my fellow mid-20s Canadian friends out there, I have been describing Peace Boat as Japan’s version of Breaker High. However, instead of dealing with dating drama, tanning and schoolwork, Peace Boat focuses on promoting peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development and respect […]

Let’s start this thing!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first post!! Although I have yet to begin my world exploring with Peace Boat, I have already given out a few of my “business” cards (more like a self-introduction card) and therefore, have already received 18 views! Hopefully, those of you who have visited have read the “About” section, but […]